dsc_0002.jpgBig things almost always start small — so many great things even start from scratch before they hit bigtime!  OCTA, being one of the rising tennis clubs in Ozamiz, organizes its first ever tennis tournament in the city.  This is aimed at motivating or inspiring the kids and young players alike, and molding them to become one of the world’s future tennis greats.  You’ll never know the future legend maybe a lumad nga Ozamisnon!  So, come get your tennis on and start swinging your racquets now!  Join us in the upcoming Ozamiz City Open 2012/Pactolin’s Cup 2012!  This is a challenge to unleash your power and hidden skills in tennis.

196849_10150142251808045_560443044_6701671_3582416_n.jpgwilson.jpgA variety of good strokes are actually based on “feel”, not “mechanics”, and that constant practice makes perfect.  You may be a beginner or a pro — either way, let’s have some fun!  OCTA’s set up in a way that allows members and fellow tennis enthusiasts to create events at their whim.  OCTA will also be setting up more sporting events (tennis tourneys, etc.) in the future to keep the group going!  Tennis racquets, pro-tour tennis bags and other tennis gears that you may need in your pre-tournament preparations and/or daily tennis practices are also available here.

What: Ozamiz City Open 2012/Pactolin’s Cup 2012 (a friendly mini-tournament)
Category: Men’s Singles and Junior/Kids’ Singles
Organized by: Jeanette Ratilla Pactolin for OCTA
When: December 8, 2012 (Saturday), 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM
Where: Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental 7200, Philippines

207897_10150142251843045_560443044_6701672_779405_n.jpgSee you soon. If interested, please contact the event organizer/sponsor at ideasbeyondborders@gmail.com to inquire or register in advance.  You may also visit http://ideasbeyondborders.com/ for further information.