ling.jpgming.jpgPet companions–like your home cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, fish, etc.–make the life of humans a lot better.  Agree or disagree?  Yes, I can only say that living with pets just like our home kittens (soon-to-be cats in the next 2 months), Ming&Ling, is like living with people because it’s going to be more fun, love-filled and very relaxing.  Yes, that’s true!  Although we make sure that both Ming&Ling are well taken care of whenever we are away from home but still we always miss them like we miss our own kids!  Why?  Because where in the world would we get to come home to two huge kittens, along with our lovely fishes, who are so eager and very excited to see us enter the door?  Hmmm…maybe yours too are like them…and so we’re missing them now, always!   So, meet our stress relievers, Ming&Ling!  Hehe. 😉