Sooo bored and it’s Friday, so I wrote this poem* instead! Enjoy!

—– o0o —–

p.jpgThanks for the many small fights that we had…they made me realize how patience is so important.
Thanks for denying me the things that I want to do or have…it taught me how to wait and not demand.

For interrupting and correcting me at times, thank you
…I learned now how to listen intently to you.
For disobeying and ignoring my pleas sometimes, thank you
…it helps me to accept each other’s differences, too.

I’ve learned that we cannot always be strong
…softness in heart paves a way to an understanding mind.
I’ve learned that always being there for me has created this agony
…now so scared to wake up to find you’re gone one day.

I beg you please make me understand
…that your love and compassion are a lasting kind.
I beg you please tightly hold my hand
…to let me know that you’re the one who’d always be right behind.

hc.jpgI thank the Lord for blessing me You…life would be so dreadful if it is not You.
I thank the Lord for your company, presence and unconditional love…for with You I could always live a very happy life.

I Love You, Honey, for letting me be Me!
Today and always. God bless.

*Original composition by Jeanette Ratilla Pactolin.
Compiled under IBB Quotes & Poetry, 02Nov2012.

—– o0o —–

Happy All Souls’/Saints’ Day to everyone! May you have a terrific weekend with your friends and loved ones. 😉