In Rangoon City, everyday is a rainy day — sometimes heavy and scattered, if not it is always cloudy. I like this season anyway because the whole environment is cool, fresh and there’s a sea of green vegetation all around. After the termination of the cruel summer days, the plants are regenerated and canopies of branches come alive and become more vigorous. The grasslands are rejuvenated and produce more new offspring. Likewise, all kinds of rhizomes, bulbs and ferns stick the buds out from the wet ground and begin to bloom profusely again everywhere. It’s like a colorful Garden of Eden, in my mind.On the other hand, some unnecessary nuisances are found. These are floods and muddy streets of the city due to the poor sewage system and indiscriminate disposal of plastic bags leading to the blockage of sewers and drains. Nowadays, summer is hotter and longer while cold season is shorter and warmer. And also in this season, there are more heavy torrential rains with occasional tropical storms than before. Despite the excessive downpours, the vital agricultural produce-yielding provinces of central Burma have no trace of rain till now and the farmers encounter difficulties of cultivating peanut and sesame — these are the money-earning exports of the country. To overcome the draught, farmers of those regions are busy conducting all kinds of possible traditional rituals including tug-of-war contests intended to call for rain.

This is a very simple and ordinary example of a regional crisis. I presume that for the entire world, incredible, unthinkable, unexpected, powerful, and destructive disasters will come; namely Tsunami or more earthquakes or deadly storms or El Niño/La Niña cycles. These can afflict two-thirds of the globe with draughts, floods and other extreme weather conditions. I believe that these evil consequences are due to the greedy deeds of human, such as deforestation, emission of carbon dioxide gas, negligence of green house effect, and misuse of industrial development as well. For the sake of upcoming generations of our own, we have better conserve the Nature and rescue the planet Earth where we are dwelling in now. For tomorrow may be too late. It’s now or never, we must all help to save. :) (Thanks, Mr. H.K.Sunn, for sharing your nice thoughts about nature conservation. Cheers!)