Wee hours in the morning that was! I couldn’t help but ignore my Yahoo! Messenger from buzzing every 10sec apart because I was too tired and very sleepy after a 6-hour tennis session with friends the night before at AIT. I know that was too much but the games went on and on and on…pretty exhausting and energy-draining that made my muscles really ache like anything that it’s almost impossible to walk the next morning — but it was fun in the end!

Yet, my computer never ceased to make noise while I was in a slumber. It was when I realized that my youngest sis was at the other end waiting for me to answer her call. She just can’t wait till I wake up in the morning and wants me to immediately post her inspirational poem that she wrote for us, her sisters, on my 2 websites. It was an order I can’t believe! Both websites, Te Jen, okay? Wow. But I guess she wants to dedicate it to sis Jade Mae as she’ll be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Okay, here it goes —

~ Appreciate Life ~
Janzynn May R. Pactolin, 02Aug2008

Life is a precious gift not everyone can have,
some can live longer while others die young.
Lucky are those who have sight of the world,
for some develop blindness and others are born blind.
Blessed are those who can spend time with their families,
for orphans are deprived to have one and those who live alone.
Be sorry to those who are unable to speak,
for they cannot say the words they long to be heard.
Yet fortunate are those who are able to talk,
for they have all the chances to say “I love you” to their loved ones.

Gracious are those who have the sense of hearing,
for they can listen and sing along to the music that heals their souls.
Blest are those with bright schemes and brilliant minds,
for they are the ones more favored to walk along the roads of success and prosperity.
But happier are the poor and the average,
for they can easily find felicity and contentment with just what they have and with what they can have.
Pity to those who are sick and dying,
for they are running out of time to pursue and realize their dreams.
Blissful are we ’cause we are endowed with life’s best —
our families, friends, food, shelter and wholeness.

So, open your eyes and thank GOD you’re alive.
Go around and see the BEAUTY of the world.
Follow your DREAMS and realize them.
Spare TIME with your loved ones
and grab every chance to say and show how much you LOVE them
before TIME plays with you…

Live your life like there is no tomorrow. ~ jmp ~

Lesson learned…
APPRECIATE what you have before it’s too late for you to appreciate what you had.